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Praveen Capital Pvt Ltd holds a strong presence as a significant player in the automobile/ vehicle finance sector in the southern part of the country, mainly the state of Karnataka.

In December 1987, Mr Sathya Shankar started his journey by establishing an automobile spare parts shop in Puttur, Karnataka.

With the noble intention of serving society by offering employment and financial aid under its motto “Sarve Jana Sukhino Bhavantu”, the shop got deals from leading tyre brands in 1989.

Soon after, Mr Shankar noticed that while there were many rural people from the nearby villages pursuing banks to get loans for buying second hand vehicles, the banks had no policies to issue any loans for such specific needs within the purview of their normal credit norms.

This realization paved the way for an expansion of business spheres in SG Corporates by setting up Praveen Capital and focusing on financing automobiles in 1994.

From an automobile spare parts store to being registered with RBI as a Non-Banking Finance Company (NBFC), we have grown vastly.

With over 21 years of practice in auto finance, the company, headquartered at Puttur and registered in Mangalore, assists people in getting their dream vehicles through financing automobile purchases. Our finance essentially includes purchase of commercial vehicles and mortgage loans against Land and property.

Sathya Shankar K

Managing Director

Ranjitha Shankar

Executive Director

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Amogh J Rai

Chief Executive Officer

Venugopal Bhat M

Chief Operating Officer

Shrivathsaraj M.G

Assistant General Manager

Sandhya G

Accounts Manager

Udaya Venkatesh Bhat

Development Manager

Karthik S N

Finance Manager

Vidhya LA S

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