Our Services

Automobile Finance

Praveen Capital Pvt Ltd holds a strong presence as a significant player in the auto finance sector in the southern part of the country, mainly the state of Karnataka. We offer hassle-free, easy, and convenient automobile loans to rural and semi-urban populace enabling people to get the vehicles of their dreams.
Our Automobile finance predominantly incorporates financing cars, commercial vehicles, tractors, three-wheelers, and two-wheelers, especially for the economically weaker sections of society, to fill the gap by providing vehicle loans.
We help individuals buy their dream vehicles through the financing of automobiles and assist them with tackling the unique money scenes with readiness and certainty.

Loan against property

Monetary mishaps are like uninvited guests – they usually turn unannounced at some wrong time and wreck your arrangements. Some of us have already given this a thought and have backup assets that we are confident will help us if such monetary mishaps occur.
And some of us probably won’t have that asset prepared and will have to seek out unpleasant choices – like taking credit from a family member or a friend. So, where would you go in these emergencies?
Praveen Capital Pvt Ltd is the friendly neighborhood banker that you can turn to in time of need. We provide hassle-free loans to rural/ semi-urban people with minimal paperwork, so you receive the loan amount as soon as possible.